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by InHouseFinancing on November 28, 2012 4 Comments

Get More Customers

The amount of clients are businesses losing as the customers don't possess all the money today, they don't have charge cards and cannot be eligible for a store credit? With 60% of usa citizens with Poor or No Credit, businesses are losing profits daily. Internally Financing is paramount!

Now businesses will offer credit challenged customers a No Credit Check - Zero interest Solution that is Backed and Guaranteed through the bank. Acquire more customers to Buy Now, while products are fresh on their own mind. Customers that have adequate funds for today's purchase, could be Up-Sold for more purchases by using this payment option. Meaning customers get what they desire or want today and many types of their debts are Guaranteed even if you will find collection issues. We assume the obligation; not the business enterprise. Company is approved immediately within 6 to 10 seconds ...

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